Elfa metal offers a wide-ranging industrial service area. In practice, we design and confirm any procedural, machinery, technological and equipment arrangements to increase the quality and decrease the cost of metal-plate processing and to speed up this process. Our products are delivered within 1-4 weeks based on preliminary agreement, taking quantity, demand and part production process into account. Calculation is made as per ordered quantity, raw material, transportation and service sale. Our services are characterized mainly by promptness, quality, compatibility, low price and being inclusive of all kinds of solutions we offer.

Our Company Performance

  • Prototype Production
  • Industrial Specialization in Mass Production
  • Full capacity extending from prototype production to mass production; from the simplest parts to the most complex systems and end products
  • Meeting defined needs of the customers on time and in demanded process both in sample studies and mass productions
  • Sub-assembly, production of modules and systems.


Technical support department has been established to serve our customers who need extra assistance on resolving structural and technological problems.


It has a flexible and compatible structure to satisfy needs and demands of your company.


Our main activity is performed in metal processing unit where any product is manufactured at a low cost with a high quality and in a quick way and/or where assemblies declared as interim delivery for our customers are completed.