About Us

Our company started working on Manufacture of Electrical Panels and Metal Kitchen Cupboards in 1980 in Ostim Organized Industrial Zone. It has also actively operated in Wood Industry since 1990 by incorporating Wood Processing Equipment into its structure. In 1992, it took a major step in Subsidiary Industry by starting plate-metal processing and mass production of various complicated products of Backhoe Loader Construction Equipment manufactured by Hidromek, Hydraulic Mechanical Machine Manufacturing Industry.
In 2000, construction of our factory in Sincan 1. Organized Industrial Zone was started in order to meet rising customer demands better.
Including first Laser Cutting counter into its structure, it has had a grip on the first stage of metal parts in production since 2002.
By inclusion of Cnc Hydraulic Press Brake Bending Machines into its structure in 2003, it has been able to follow up raw material, semi-product and product phases of metal part production through its one to one experiences.
Moving to its new manufacturing plant of 9500 m² in total, with 7500m² closed and 2000m² open space, in Sincan 1. Organized Industrial Zone in 2005, it has gone through a reconstruction as a factory manufacturing in full capacity with its staff, machines and experiences.
It started mass production of various metal parts of Track Diggers called Excavators which Hidromek started to manufacture, in 2006.
Dyehouse was included into the structure of Elfa Metal upon completion of building works in 2007. Today, our factory offers our customers production capacity and system with a process in which plate sheet metals defined as main raw materials are cut in Cnc Laser Cutting counters, shaped semi-product metal is bended in Cnc Hydraulic Press Brakes, and following welding process carried out by our qualified staff or welding robots depending on production type, it is painted in our dyehouse in regard to the need and thereby made into final product.


Technical support department has been established to serve our customers who need extra assistance on resolving structural and technological problems.


It has a flexible and compatible structure to satisfy needs and demands of your company.


Our main activity is performed in metal processing unit where any product is manufactured at a low cost with a high quality and in a quick way and/or where assemblies declared as interim delivery for our customers are completed.


It has a flexible and compatible structure to satisfy needs and demands of your company.

In order to offer you more demanding and complex services, we have developed a system, by creating a great number of flexible manufacturing and supporting units, which enables us to provide you with deliveries which will meet your needs. Our suggestion according to essentials of the day is provision of all kinds of logistic support, prompt reaction power and assisted services aiming at your changing demands.

These activites are conducted by teams which are capable of solving even your most complicated problems in a concrete and effective manner.






Low Price


Mass Production