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Elfa Metal is structured as an effective, young and dynamic company in manufacturing sector. A highly skilled expert staff is always ready to satisfy your needs and demands.


It is a process starting with placement of metal plate which is in the form of raw material on the cutting counter by a charging crane. It also cuts the most difficult and complex metal parts in the most sensitive and fastest way


It enables bending the cut sheet metal through cnc technology with zero error at desired angles and sizes by means of our Cnc Hydraulic Press Brake machines that have bending sensitivity for stainless steel of 0,5mm to 8mm and for black sheet metal up to 15 mm.


All our assembly units are capable of welding. We are able to provide welding services for all basic materials you work together with Steel, Stainless Steel and aluminium. Source of stainless steel is snatched from the steel in order to prevent involvement of source layers.


Our company is able to offer its customers a better delivery time and guaranteed products that are manufactured completely on our own by manufacturing products such as special nuts, sensitive bushings etc. which are indispensable to complex welded assembly parts also within its own structure


It is the unit where your metal parts manufactured in accordance with your needs and demands are painted according to technics and standards you request. Our paint ovens and dyehouse offer high technology coating with a high capacity and at a level to provide paint thicknesses you demand


We offer our customers a great number of assembly services ranging from simple mechanical assemblies such as tightening nuts and screws to complicated assemblies such as installation of sub-systems, hydraulic devices

Elfa Metal

When you become our customer, you will become a partner of us who grows us together with you, with our support to your growing demands by improving and adapting ourselves. All kinds of new products you present are valuable invitations for us.

  • Prototype production
  • Industrial Specialization in Mass Production
  • Full capacity extending from prototype production to mass production; from the simplest parts to the most complex systems and end products
  • Meeting defined needs of the customer on time and in demanded process both in sample works and mass productions
  • Sub-assembly, production of modules and systems.

Our services are characterized mainly by promptness, quality, compatibility, low price and being inclusive of all kinds of solutions we offer.


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