Our Mission

Our company’s MISSION is to achieve successful results by aiming at ensuring occupational health and safety and continuous improvement in working environment as well as protection of natural environment, while rendering quality and reliable world class service by meeting all legal requirements in metal sector, satisfying its customers’ expectations at the highest standards, finishing projects it has undertaken on time and applying technological improvements and innovations.

Our Vision

To provide solutions and support for demands and problems of our customers in the best way, as a company adequately specialized for fulfilling the most complicated tasks in industrial fields related to processing of metal plates and other relevant industrial fields we are specialized in.


Technical support department has been established to serve our customers who need extra assistance on resolving structural and technological problems.


It has a flexible and compatible structure to satisfy needs and demands of your company.


Our main activity is performed in metal processing unit where any product is manufactured at a low cost with a high quality and in a quick way and/or where assemblies declared as interim delivery for our customers are completed.